Född med ett plopp!

Vi har skrivit om framfödandereflexen tidigare, om hur bebisen kan komma som en kork ur en champagneflaska. På den här instafilmen syns det tydligt, och hos den här mamman blir inte reflexen störd av att vara på sjukhus, vilket också är glädjande!


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I’ve received some requests to share a short version of this amazing moment of birth. 💛 Full video can be seen on @benzelphotography IGTV! FER (Fetal Ejection Reflex) doesn’t always need small/dark laboring area to be seen/experienced. FER can and does happen, even in hospital settings. Women’s bodies and babies have their own agendas and work together for things to happen, often naturally and without the need to push through counts. One of the MANY things that makes birth so unbelievably amazing. Everyone is safe and happy! Mom’s INCREDIBLE strength, determination and endurance along with her loving husband’s support made this SUCH an aweinspiring birth to document. Honestly, what a privilege to be in the presence of this kind of love and connection <3 #somuchlove #youcanbreathyourbabyout #yourbodypushesonitsown #doula #undisturbedbirth #orlandobirth #spacecoastbirth #birthwithoutfear #birthbecomesher #benzelphotography 📸🎥 @benzelphotography

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