Fråga hur det kändes, anta inte

Dr Rachel Reed, barnmorska och forskare, skriver intressanta artiklar på MidwifeThinking. Den här texten, ”Judging birth” handlar om hur viktigt det är att inte lägga in sina egna värderingar – och framförallt inte sin rädsla – i en annan människas förlossning.

How the birth looks on paper may be very different to how it was perceived by the mother. I learned quickly as a community midwife doing postnatal visits that the ‘birth report’ had no connection to the woman’s perceptions of her birth. Women who had experiences such as ‘failed forceps’ and then a c-section could emerge feeling empowered and more than happy with their experience. On the other hand, women who had experienced ‘normal’ vaginal births without intervention could be traumatised. I find it is best to ask a woman how she feels about her birth rather than making assumptions based on the events. Often feelings centre around the care and respect, or lack of that was given during the birth journey rather than what happened.

OBS! Innehåller även en film som kan väcka starka känslor, av en mamma som föder helt oassisterat (allt går bra)!

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