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Braïdo Organics Amningskudde Moon Pillow

1.800,00 kr

Amningskudde med stoppning i ull och yttertyg i ekologisk bomull, tillverkad för hand i Sverige.

(Förstora bilderna för att se namnen på färgerna.)

Så här skriver Braïdo Organics:


The cover is made of GOTS-certified muslin, which is a finely-woven breathable fabric that makes it extra fitting for use with babies. The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. Along with the wool, this quality helps your baby stay comfortable during the many hours every day when she/he lies in your arms, resting on the pillow. The muslin fabric is also very strong and durable and can withstand many washes. In fact, the muslin fabric gets softer the more you wash it. To read more about wool and the GOTS-certification please go to the Braïdo Organics About page.

Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, you’ll be spending many hours every day with your baby in your arms. The Moon Pillow will help you sit comfortably and hold your baby without tensing, which can lead to aches and pains. The Moon Pillow is an incredibly useful and comfortable support to have around in those early days of motherhood.

Unlike most other feeding pillows on the market, which use polyester stuffing and non-organic fabric, our Moon Pillows contain no synthetic materials or toxic chemicals that could damage your baby’s health. Polyester is not very breathable and can make it uncomfortably hot for your baby. However, wool helps your baby to regulate its body temperature and wicks away moisture, is naturally antibacterial and may reduce your baby’s risk of developing allergies.

Your Moon Pillow makes an attractive accessory when you’re not using it for your baby, and you can take it with you wherever you go so that you know that you can always relax, get the oxytocin flowing and enjoy a precious moment with your baby!

The Moon Pillow can be used to support the baby when he or she gets a little bigger, either on the floor or in the pram.

  • Hand-made in Sweden
  • Contains no synthetic materials
  • Both inner and outer covers are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Inner pillow is filled with natural wool
  • Breathable
  • Naturally antibacterial and has self-cleaning properties
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable

Cream, Sand, Light peach, Caramel, Linden green, Forest green, Charcoal grey


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